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Client's First Day With eCommerce care
When you place an inquiry requesting a quote, one of our Account Managers will contact you to detail the features of our services and products. As well as Gather information based upon your needs and desires. This is the time to share any ideas you have to help us bring your vision to life.
Client's First Day With eCommerce care
Next 7 Days With Development Team
There are several steps in the creative and development process. While the exact process varies slightly between projects, the basics remain the same. Defining the scope of the project is a critical step. One of the most common frustrations with Internet Marketing projects is scope creep. By creating a well-defined project scope plan that outlines specific activities and deliverables, along with specific timelines, you will be able to clearly set expectations.
Next 7 Days With Development Team
3 Days With Executive Board Member Revision,
When revising the project, we are talking about the full or partial redesign, updating and creating new content, detailed revision of the project structure, as well as removal of technical errors and introduction of new features.
3 Days With Executive Board Member Revision,
Next 3 Days For Client's Revision
Client's Revision
Now it's time for you to review the website. You will have up to 3 days for review and to submit any necessary changes to the website.
Next 3 Days For Client's Revision
Last Day With eCommerce Care
Project Delivery
On the last day of the project, your assigned account manager will contact you and show you all the features, functionalities and steps of the basic maintenance to the website.
Last Day With eCommerce Care
30 Days Free Support
Support After Project Completion
When the project is completed, you will have 30 days free support. Within this time, if you request any changes to the existing functions, there will be no charge . If you want to add any new feature which was not listed in the original project agreement, there will be an additional charge.
30 Days Free Support